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Mission Statement

 Mission Statement:

 Our students will use their independent learning skills and creativity to achieve academically and become successful global citizens.

London School Staff will:

  • Share a vision of what quality instruction looks like
  • Provide students with tasks of rigor and importance
  • Be dedicated, motivated, positive, creative, knowledgeable, flexible and empathetic
  • Recognize that our actions will impact the future of our London students

Essential Core: #1         Academic Achievers

 Students will…

  • Communicate clearly both in writing and verbally
  • ­Be literate: read for enjoyment and information
  • ­Be  intellectually curious and imaginative as they pursue and demonstrate new knowledge
  • ­Develop core competencies that support life long learning
  • ­Be mathematically literate
  • Ask questions of other students, connect to prior knowledge, synthesize important concepts, and generalize to new understandings

Staff will…

  • Use best practices in all academic areas.
  • Read aloud to students (variety of genres)
  • Provide opportunities for parents to become involved in reading activities with their children
  • Embed technology throughout all academic areas
  • Read professional literature that heightens our skills
  • ­Display/publish student work
  • ­Provide ample opportunity for students to explore and investigate their natural curiosities in academic areas

Essential Core: #2         Independent Learners

Students will…

  • Believe in themselves as learners
  • ­Develop stamina in their learning efforts
  • ­Have goals and work towards them
  • ­Recognize and celebrate personal accomplishments
  • ­Know how to struggle and persevere, working through difficult tasks

Staff will…

  • Develop a common vocabulary: stamina, grit, determination, focus, self motivation, independent
  • Explicitly teach the process of learning to students
  • Set and review/update goals with students
  • ­Hold students accountable for high standards
  • Celebrate reaching goals (students and adults)

Essential Core: #3         Creative Individuals

Students will…                                              

  • Appreciate others’ creative expression
  • Explore different avenues of creativity – music, art, drama, project based instruction
  • Find a means for creative expression
  • Work collaboratively

Staff will…

  • Provide opportunities for students to be creative in educational projects
  • ­Provide music and art instruction
  • ­Introduce students to others’ creative works (art, music, dance, drama, etc.)
  • ­Provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively to solve problems

Essential Core: #4                 Global Citizens

Students will…

  • Respect diversity-race, language, special education, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearances, varied family units (foster and adoptive families, single parent households, etc.)
  • Develop volunteerism
  • Treat others respectfully and with kindness
  • ­Be a team player: accepting others ideas, compromising, listening
  • ­Be environmentally aware and responsible

Staff will…

  • ­Model, teach and expect appropriate behavior
  • Regularly schedule class meetings for problem solving and creating classroom culture
  • Provide multi-cultural experiences for students
  • Provide opportunities for volunteerism
  • Provide instruction on environmental responsibility