SLSD Online SEALS for Parents

SLSD Supplemental Instruction: Guidelines for Parents 

Our staff have been reaching out with phone calls over the last several days. As of April 1st we have reached 91% of you! We are learning each family’s individual needs and determining how we can best help you. This includes adjusting our meal deliveries, connecting you with mental health supports, and planning how to deliver learning. 

New State Guidelines: Distance Learning for All to start April 13th  

We learned this week that the State is asking us to adjust our learning resources and provide Distance Learning for All. This will require more planning on the part of our staff because we will be putting together learning units both online and in paper form. We plan to have those in place district-wide by Monday, April 13th.

Things You Can Do With Your Child Now:

The following recommendations can be helpful for any child at any grade level. Your child’s teacher/school may be sending your additional activities by email or at meal drop off sites. 


  1. Make a schedule and try to stick to it Monday-Friday. Example schedule:




Early morning

Get started

Rise, brush teeth, greet the sun and have some breakfast

Wake the brain and body  

3 minutes of jumping jacks and 30 burpees 

Say the alphabet 3 times

Count to 100 by 2s

Language Arts 

READ! It can be a magazine, online article, book, manual, directions - anything! Write a paragraph or tell someone about what you read. 

Brain Break

Play a card game, do yoga, or take a short walk; have a snack

Mid morning

Math work

Use materials provided by your school and/or online activities 


Art: Draw a picture, design paper airplanes, build a structure out of items in your junk drawer, etc.

Lunch Time!

Eat and Talk

Remember that SLSD is providing meals, visit the website for more information:

Enjoy family time while you eat - share something that you are thankful for and something you are looking forward to

Early Afternoon

Science/Social Studies

Watch an educational video online or on OPB, go outside and make observations of animals or plants, listen to a history podcast


Go for a run, walk the dog, do yoga, play a sport with a family member,  jump rope, etc. 


Share with family members the school work you did today, what you learned, and what you have questions about (this could be a conversation or written in a paragraph)

2. Ask questions. Your child’s teacher(s) will have a way for you or your child to ask questions and get instructional help. All are available by email and most by other means as well. Keep that communication going!

3. If you have access, use online resources (links will direct you to the SLSD home page with sites):

    1. K-2
    2. 3-5
    3. 6-8
    4. 9-12

4. If your student is having issues accessing their South Lane School District related accounts or equipment that has been issued to your student please contact the help desk at or via phone at 541.767.3778 Option 1 (Due to staffing you may need to leave a message). Be sure to leave a contact phone number.

5. Try to make little interactions an opportunity for learning:

    1. Ask your kids “How do you think that works?”
    2. Allow them to take old things apart and explore
    3. Give them tape and a pile of old items and have them create art

6. Use educational videos:

7. Use OPB Educational Programming: 

OPB has adjusted their television schedules to support K-12 students with grade-level and subject-based programs during the coronavirus outbreak. Find the full schedule of programs at More at

Educational Programming schedule by topic and age range: 

6:00 a.m.: Natural Science (Grades K-3)

6:30 a.m.: History (Grades K-3)

7:00 a.m.: Math (Grades K-3)

8:00 a.m.: Science (Grades K-3)

8:30 a.m.: Financial Literacy (Grades K-3)

9:00 a.m.: Science (Grades 4-8)

10:00 a.m.: History (Grades 4-8)

11:00 a.m.: Local: Natural Science, Arts and Culture

11:30 a.m.: Local History

Noon: Social Studies and Science (Grades 4-8)

1:00 p.m.: Science (Grades 4-8)

2:00 p.m.: Literature and Liberal Arts (Grades 4-12)

3:00 p.m.: World History (Grades 9-12)

4:00 p.m.: U.S. History (Grades 9-12)